Drive-by Shootings

Nanaimo offers a tidy bit of everything and much that simply can’t be found elsewhere so easily or in such abundance, or free of charge. That said, a 10-volume encyclopedia could be written on all the things that can’t be found here including, late-night coffee shops, all-white rubbermaid bins, silk pillowcases, UHF reception, a soccer team, and assorted sizes of u-shaped brackets for holding round objects.

Oh yes, Nanaimo has its failings but it also has old places, new places, green places, artsy places and seedy places. It has legendary buildings, an epic river, endless parkway trails, history under every stone, and world-class waterfronts. And Nanaimo has 85,000 characters in all shapes and sizes, all walks of life and some of them are pretty ladies in summer dresses to rival any city’s pretty ladies in summer dresses. Some of them might be featured here. We’ll also feature ugly people too, if only to demonstrate why we prefer to showcase the pretty ones!

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