Lucid Times resolves to one man with a passion for creating new palettes and tweaking old ones in ways that really do work for everyone. What difference can one man make in all this madness? A LOT. For probably a lot less!


Preceding the digital age I first learned the graphic design trade in hardcopy. A history of newspaper and magazine production ensures I paid my dues with tools most keyboard wizards have never heard of!

Infused with bits and bytes and all things Mac from the late-80's, today your ideas and projects benefit from the best of both worlds without compromise.

Print or web... gimme a buzz and we'll talk the finer points of pixels!


Since my first Olympus Trip the camera has often replaced my right hand shooting sometimes for shits and giggles but just as frequently for client's products, events and projects, kid's sportscamps, social events(excl. weddings), and for Lucid Times'stockgalleries for sale.

I shoot portraits (incl. beauty and fashion) for modest fees/trade.

Call or write to trip the lights fantastic!


It's possible writing is my real passion. It takes many forms personally and just as many in business, whether that be journalism, creating a headline for a single promo, editing an entire newspaper or building a graphical schematic. I might even pen you a Christmas card if you've been nice.

Give me a subject worthy of note and I'll write right back to you!


There's almost no limits to what I'd find interesting on your behalf except the truly weird or less than noble causes. I like to sleep at night! From pool tournaments to national newspapers, business cards to storytelling websites, group photography to pin-ups, if it's a great idea I'll invite you to count me in.

Send a raven and we'll chat about how Lucid Times might resolve your next blinding vision!

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by" — Douglas Adams