Lucid Times is not a big, hooty-flooty design firm sporting an entourage of personnel describing your needs in terms that sound like social engineering/mind control initiatives, with invoices equally as grandiose. At its core Lucid Times is really just one man with a passion for creating new palettes and redesigning old ones in ways that really do work for everyone. What difference can one man make in all this madness, you ask. A LOT. For probably a lot less!

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Born before the digital age, I learned and embraced the techniques honed in the hardcopy world, when exacting standards in both form and function were the first rule of any printed masterpiece. I can freehand a straight line and find the points in the picas. Since the late-80's I've taken the game to bits and bytes and PDFs and websites and email campaigns on the Mac platform. So today your ideas and projects can live in both worlds without compromise.

Print or web... gimme a buzz and we'll talk the finer points of pixels!



Since my first Olympus Trip 35mm the camera has largely been an extension of my right arm, and my bag has been branded my 'murse'. And no, I haven't shot in 'Program' mode in 25 years!

I often shoot for shits and giggles and just as frequently shoot for client's events and projects, and for Lucid Times Royalty-free galleries.

I also shoot portraits (especially in the beauty and fashion genres) for very modest fees or stock photo trade, your ideas or mine.

Call or write to trip the lights fantastic!



I'd be lying if I said writing wasn't my real passion. It takes many forms personally and just as many in business, whether that be actual journalism with integrity, passion and creativity (in short supply these days!) or copywriting and editing an entire newspaper or a single ad marketing campaign. I might even write you a Hallmark card for Christmas!

Give me a subject worthy of note and I'll write right back to you!



Take the three and add relentless ideas and a drive to bring them to fruition that delights my clients and annoys my friends and you have almost no limits to what I'd find interesting on your behalf.

From pool tournaments to national newspapers, business cards to storytelling websites, group photography to pin-ups, if it's a great idea I'll invite you to count me in.

Send a raven and we'll chat about how Lucid Times might resolve your next blinding vision!

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by" — Douglas Adams