• _DSC9379
  • Fleet Decaling: Kern Motors courtesy car
  • Arctic Wolf offers icy stare from behind a chain-link fence, Cedar, BC
  • Smiling 38-week pregnant mother in white stripes
  • Shithawk voted Nanaimo's new Diversity Mascot
  • Branding and Logo: Paul O'Brien
  • Rottweiler and Yellow Labrador sniff a Terrier
  • Tall golden grass backlit, late summer
  • 1936 Packard 120
  • Two addicts sharing nothing of consequence
  • _DSC4054
  • American Crow
  • _DSC3347
  • Site foreman unable to explain random work slowdowns on Park Ave.
  • Eerie Deere excavator eats holes in the darkness cut with floodlights
  • _DSC4370 - Version 2
  • Logo: The Black Men private association
  • _DSC3422
  • _DSC1752
  • Painterly rendition of BC mountain peaks and clouds

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